The role of through-hole slip rings

In the world of electromechanical, there are many types of slip rings. Manufacturers strive to make slip different slip rings that solve issues transmission of power and signals in devices that rotate as they work. One of the slip rings is the through-hole slip ring.


It is a slip ring that has uses in various devices and automotive. To answer the question of what the through hole slip ring, you are going to read what the slip ring is, its components, uses, and advantages of using the slip ring. Scroll along and learn.

What Is Through-Hole Slip Ring

If you have a look at slip rings, the through-hole slip ring is the one that has a hollow shaft at the center. The manufacturers make the slip ring for you to install with a flange on a sleeve bracket. It has a free inner space for the internal connecting of the rotor to the rotating shaft of your machine or device. The hole can also lead through pipes or cables connected to the rotating part.


Due to the design of the slip ring,  many people are finding it convenient to use the slip ring. That is because it is easy to install, carry more power, and you can install it on many devices. So, what is a through-hole slip ring? What is it’s composition?


Advantages of Using the Through-Hole Slip Ring

The slip ring can transfer both power and signal. It makes it convenient to use since you don’t have to have different channels to transfer both signals and power. That makes it comfortable to use in turbines, processing plants, and generators.

Manufacturers use fiber tech to make the brushes in the through-hole slip ring. That makes the slip ring durable, rust-free. It does not make noise while working. That overall reduce the cost of production since maintenance cost is low.

This slip ring can stand the test of extreme weather conditions. That is because it is of good quality material that is resistant to wear, harsh weather conditions, and extremely high temperatures. That explains why the slip rings are used in the high-voltage power plants.


Through-hole slip ring features

Besides its hollow pathway, through-hole slip rings offer several other noteworthy features that distinguish it from other existing models. Some of the unique attributes of these slip rings include:


Advanced multi brush technology that ensures low friction and stronger electric current

Metal housing and integrated structure design for better unit protection and easy installation respectively

Can carry current from 0 to 20A and support 0 to 300 circuits

The standard voltage varies from 0 to 600VAC/VDC

Standard models define circuit number, energy, and present. Although through hole slip rings are generally designed for devices where 360-degree rotation is required to allow signal transduction, not all can facilitate such requirements, so it is always recommendable to review the specifications when ordering your device.



Through-holeslip rings are required for unique applications and there are various specifications for each use. As such, most devices are customized to fit the requirements. It is essential to inform the vendor about all conditions, including operation environment and the specific application. There are several brands available in the market and most offer decent quality slip rings models. However, it is still important to find reputable models from the top brands.

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